3 Ways to Make Better Study Notes

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3 Ways to Make Better Study Notes
One great way to prepare for exams and even excel in high school and college is to learn how to make great study notes, and unfortunately, this is one of the skills most students do not really consciously develop. To help you make great use of the time that you have, here are 3 ways that you can improve your study notes.

Write Study Notes, Not Transcripts!
This is the biggest mistake students make whenever they write down notes. The sad thing is that this continues even during college! Students just write down every word that comes out of the mouth of the teachers or instructors. Studies have shown that making notes is as mentally taxing as playing chess and that the more mental space you use for writing down every word, the less mental space is used for understanding the lesson itself.

Write the Notes Smarter, Not Harder
The right way to take down notes is to just write down phrases or comprehensive sentences, instead of paragraphs of words and numbers. A good rule of thumb is that during class you spend 80% listening and understanding and 20% writing down notes. You should write down the important details. For instance, you should write the following down:

  • Definitions
  • Lists
  • Ideas that are repeated
  • Facts
  • Examples
  • New Vocabulary
  • Analysis and applications
  • Explanations

Write in a Structured Manner
Make sure that your notes are legible and understandable; there is a big chance that you will go back to your notes to study especially during college. A legible study note is a good study note since it will lessen the mental effort in studying since lesser mental resources are needed to recognize what you are seeing and more focus on memorizing and understanding.

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