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Katherine O’Brien is a Catholic homeschooling mother of six, a revert to Catholicism after a stint on staff at an evangelical fellowship, and a professional college planner.  She has been homeschooling since 1998.

Katherine is your Catholic college prep, admissions, and funding expert!  As a Certified College Planning Specialist, she has been helping families across the country since 2004 prepare for college admissions and funding.  Her 2017 students were offered over $243, 000 each, on average in merit scholarships.  Additionally, having left the Church after college, being groomed for leadership and working on the staff of the Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Evanston, IL, before she returned to Catholicism, Katherine speaks to youth and adults regarding the incredible treasures of the Catholic faith, as well as some areas where faithful Catholics can facilitate renewal and stop the mass exodus of our young people.

Katherine’s first solo book was released in 2013, The Ultimate Guide to Top Quality College Planning.  Prior to that, she co-authored Fabric of our Lives with Dr. Ronda Chervin and Kimberly Hahn and contributed a chapter to Holding Hands with God: Catholic Women Share their Stories of Courage and Hope, edited by Dr. Ronda Chervin.  She has also written several articles published over the years in Hearth magazine.

Ms. O’Brien graduated from Northwestern University in 1986 with a BS in Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences.  She received her MA in Catholic Theology from the Franciscan University of Steubenville in 1991. She is a member of the Catholic Society of Evangelists and the Militia Immaculata.  She has been an Oblate of St. Benedict attached to St. Vincent Archabbey since 1990.  She has led parish Bible studies, and is an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist and an Ad Altare Dei and Pope Pius XII emblem class teacher.

Katherine O’Brien, MA CCPS’s Talks:

(858) 705-0043 / kob@CelticCollegeConsultants.com

For Parents (60 minutes)

College Prep 101

An overview of admissions realities, application tips, how financial aid works, and a look at some alternative funding strategies.  A must for families with college bound teens.

College Prep for Families with Kids from 0 to 18

Addressing both financial and academic aspects of family life, this talk equips families effectively to launch their kids to college.

Paying for College Without Breaking Your Bank or Drowning in Debt

Learn how financial aid works, how to lower the costs as well as create funds so your kids can go to college without breaking your bank or landing in overwhelming debt.

The Twenty Factors Admissions Committees Consider

Getting accepted to college is incredibly competitive.  Learn what factors they consider so you can prepare yourself or your teen(s) to get accepted!

The New Evangelization

What is the “New Evangelization” and why must every Catholic be involved?

Why Mary HAD to go to Heaven – Scientific and Theological Evidence for the Assumption

My Testimony to God’s Faithfulness: My Journey through Rape and Abuse to Love

Rom 8:28 tells us, “we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him…”   Hear how she found this to be true and God to be Faithful even through her agonies.

My Testimony – Why I Returned to the Catholic Church – Her “Secret” Weapon

Having left the Church after college, Katherine was being groomed for leadership and was on VCF Evanston staff. Now she shares about the treasures Catholicism especially the Eucharist.

The Call to Revitalize Parish Life – What it is and what it means for us

For many, parish life is uninspiring.  85% of our young people are voting with their feet and leaving the Church.  What can we do about it?  How can we invite them back to His Church?  Come, find out –

For Young People (13-25): (60 minutes)

God has a Dream for You!

God created you for a reason and a purpose . This talk affirms young people as valuable, unique treasured creations and encourages them to find their passion in life and pursue it mightily.

Since I can’t be a Priest, what can I do? 

This question is asked by every Catholic girl as she grows up.  This talk explores the question about what women are to do as active disciples of Christ given the fact that Jesus only calls men to the priesthood.  Honoring the teaching of the Magisterium, exploring Mulieris Dignitatem, and the models of the women in the Bible this talk begins to explore the feminine genius.

College Prep for Catholic Families
In addition to preparing your child for college, finding schools and programs that meet his or her needs and don’t break the family bank, there are a host of additional considerations for Catholic families.  As the author of Every Catholic’s Guide to College: The 315 Best US Colleges & Universities for Practicing Catholics, Katherine is uniquely qualified to guide Catholic families on their journey to college.
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