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College Funding Plan Case Studies:
Single income family with 6 kids needed over $1M for college.  See the power of planning!

Case study – B family
Family with twins – didn’t start until they were juniors yet exceeded their needs!

Case study – L family
Executive family increases net worth…

Case study – F family


Here are few individual examples:

Over $120,000 saved!:

Luke was not a stellar student, but he was a leader on the club swim team. Knowing how to get him in front of the right coaches led to a full ride at University of North Carolina.


Over $124,000 saved!:

Jessica’s family couldn’t afford to send her to USC, her top choice. With our guidance, this financial strapped family was able to make her dream come true.


Over $48,000 saved!:

Aubrey was offered 325% of her need by the University of Dallas, who really wanted her. Choosing your schools well can make a huge impact on your bottom line!


Result Trends –

• Students in our program received financial aid offers worth an average of 56% more than the amount the schools they applied to typically award.

This means that, for a family with a need of $10,000 at a school which usually offers $5,000, students in our program received an average of $7,800!

That is a savings of $2,800 per year. That is $11,200 over four years or $311 per month.

• The average amount of gift aid offered was 28% higher than the schools’ historical average award package.


For example,

Typical offers looked like this:

  • $5,000 loans and work study
    $5,000 scholarships and grants


Our students’ offers looked like this:

  • $3,600 loans and work study
    $6,400 scholarships and grants


That is a savings of $5,600 over four years! That is $156 per month, not counting interest on the loan.

Together that is a savings of almost $500 per month! Total savings of $16,800 over four years!


Put it all together:

• Our students were offered financial aid packages totaling over 3 Million dollars – over 2 Million dollars of that in the form of GIFT AID.




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