Grants and Scholarship Opportunities for College Students

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Grants and Scholarship Opportunities for College Students

Statistics show that college costs are rising by proximately 7% per annum. Many parents and students are preoccupied with how they will pay for college. The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to be from a low-income family to get financial assistance. There are a number of opportunities you can take advantage of.


Colleges give out financial assistance in the form of scholarships. Different colleges have different criteria for choosing students who qualify for this type of assistance. It is often based on academic performance.

But there are many colleges with varying criteria. Some may choose beneficiaries based on the major they are taking. Some may choose to award those who show active participation as a member of the college. The amount awarded will also depend on the type of school. Private colleges generally offer more than state schools.


FASFA also was known as Free Application for Federal Student Aid is a form of aid given by the government that has several benefits. Applications need to be filled before October 1st for applications of the following year. One advantage with FASFA is that the information you fill can be used by colleges and the government for future applications.


Grants describe financial aid often given by the federal government that does not have to be repaid. One of the federal grants you can apply for is the Pell Grant. The amount you receive is based on whether you intend full time or part time, your financial need, and the estimated cost of college. The highest you can receive from Pell Grant is about $6,000.

Certain grants are given to people who can offer their skills for the benefit of the community. So if you are planning to be a teacher in a low-income area, TEACH can pay for part of your college education.

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