How Important is Location in Picking Your College

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How Important is Location in Picking Your College

You have now chosen the degree you think is right for you. Now, where should you pursue it? You may have already considered the ranking, tuition fees, specialization, and several other factors of many institutions, now you wonder, should its location affect your choice?

Near Home

The financial benefits of living close to home are apparent. In fact, it could save you at least $8,000 a year on lodging expenses, excluding the cost of commuting back home several times a year. Homesickness is a real concern. You might find yourself frequently longing to go home, which could be physically, emotionally and financially draining.

The emotional support of a familiar place can also help you succeed in college. The whole college experience can be overwhelming and anxiety is to be expected. Having your family and friends nearby can help your transition. You don’t need to be home every weekend. However, knowing that home is a short ride away can bring the feeling of security.

Far from Home

Freshman jitters are normal. Remember that overcoming life changes is part of personal growth. New socials skills are developed when you new people helping you through the challenges of being alone.

During this exciting time in your life, self-discovery is certain. You will be dealing with problems you never had to with your family nearby in addition to the challenges you never thought you’d face. The trials and the adventures will contribute to a full college experience!

Where You Thrive

 Some students thrive in new environments while others succeed in familiar surroundings. Either way, your decision will depend on your circumstances and preference. Your choice should sincerely answer the question: ”What will help me study and learn better?” The future is uncertain. However, choosing the right environment for yourself can spell the difference between a successful education and experience or otherwise.


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