How Many College Applications Do You Need to Fill Out?

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How Many College Applications Do You Need to Fill Out?

The college admission process is very competitive, and students need to make sure they make their applications correctly. Proper planning is needed when choosing and applying to colleges. One question students ask is, “How many colleges do I need to apply?” You may think that applying to dozens of colleges places you in a better position to get admission to a higher learning institution, but that could be something misleading. You don’t want to spend all of your time making too many applications that don’t offer you a chance to get admission. It’s better to learn about the college application and admission process and how it works before you make your steps.

While there is no magic number of colleges to apply, depending on your record and circumstance, probably five to eight applications are enough. The list you make for colleges to apply needs to be based on research and whether or not the institution offers the programs and courses you want to study. Your financial need is another thing to put into consideration. Your academic and social needs can again help decide, which college to apply for admission.

You want to choose at least two colleges that provide little chance of rejection meaning you are almost certain that your application will be accepted. The choice you make here may be based on academic and financial safety.

Sometimes, you may have a college that you would be happy to attend but because of other factors, there is the likelihood that you may not get admission. This may happen if the selection criterion is too stiff or if the applications received by the colleges are too many. You may consider applying to two or so colleges that you think can accept your application, though not certain.

If your qualifications fall slightly short of or don’t match those of the college’s average, it doesn’t mean that you cannot apply. You may apply to such colleges because you never know, you may be selected as one of the candidates to study there.

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