Is Your Senior Thinking About College?

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Is Your Senior Thinking About College?
Senior year is an important time in a teenager’s life. It is the last year of high school and college is just around the corner. For many teens, this is a time when they start to think about adulthood and what they wish to be when they ‘grow up’. Is your senior thinking about college? Have you talked to them about where they might like to apply or what they wish to study? As parents, it is important to discuss such issues with your child and determine a path in which to begin their college career once high school comes to an end.

Consider Colleges
Start the conversation with your teen about where they are interested in attending college. Visit the campus of local universities or colleges to help your child get to know the process of going to school after high school. Talk about the degree interests of your child and what they might wish to study. This will help when considering schools as you might find universities nearby that offer specialized degree programs based on the course of study your child is interested in.

Look at the admissions timetable of colleges where your child is interested so that you do not miss any application deadlines for scholarships or entry. This is also a good time to consider funding. Take a look at the cost based on the college of choice to determine how you will pay for schooling, be it federal aid, loan, scholarship, etc.

Prep Services
It can also be beneficial to seek professional assistance with college prep for your senior. If this is the first child you are sending off to college, you most likely have no idea what to do or where to start. Working with such services as provided by Celtic College Consultants of California will help you get on the right path to preparing your senior for a college education.

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