Preparing for College

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Preparing for College
College is often considered a milestone by many people – and that’s why it’s important not only for students to prepare but for their families as well. There are a lot of factors involved in going to college: figuring out how one is going to pay fees, finding accommodation (if the college doesn’t necessarily provide on-campus accommodation to all students) and of course, going through the mental steps of preparing for one of the biggest changes in life.

College Prep Services
College prep services are designed to help both students and their families consider the road ahead and prepare for it, whether it be financial, practically or on an emotional level. Some of this may involve financial advice, but counseling is also a part of the package depending on what you’re looking for. Some points can involve:

  • Taking a look at the admissions timetable of colleges so that everything is in order and no deadlines are missed.
  • ACT/SAT registration (if that hasn’t been done already).
  • Academic resume consultation: this can be a particularly long process depending on what the prospective student has done, so it is a good idea to have an organized professional take a look through everything and see what the best points are that will stand out.

College Fund Planning
College fund planning is to ensure that finances are managed in a smart way to ensure that all fees are paid on time and unnecessary debts aren’t gathered. This is particularly important for low-income families who can highly benefit from strategic income and asset planning. It will help students see what sort of aid they can get from government and private institutions and provide information about things like grants, scholarships and the different types of reduced-interest loans that are sometimes available to first-time and mature students.

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