College Prep Courses for Students

Offering the same proven Premier Student Preparation Program as our one on one coaching program, but in live virtual classes.  Each course includes twelve class sessions. Recordings will be made available in the event of student absences.

$200 per semester class, except Part 1 of Senior Year, which is $300. 

College Prep 101, Part 1
Freshman Year, Fall Semester

What We Cover

– Student success skills

– Develop a 4 year academic plan

– Develop a 4 year extracurricular plan

– Begin to develop your reasons for going to college (a.k.a. college goals)

– Explore the different types of colleges & learn how to effectively visit a campus

– What’s needed to be accepted

– Career exploration, step 1

– Goal setting

– College search – defining your parameters

– Targeting leadership and summer opportunities

– Confidence building

– Turning failure into opportunities to learn

College Prep 101, Part 2
Freshman Year, Spring Semester

What We Cover
– Refine your 4 year academic plan, explore testing and dual credit options
– Refine extracurriculars – develop a focus, etc.
– Note taking & how to study for a test
– Career search, step 2
– Career search, step 3
– Career search, step 4 – finding a cluster
– From careers to majors – finding multiple paths
– ID traits of an ideal person in your occupation of interest
– College visits – Now what do you look for?
– Learning to accept and be grateful for who you are
– Paths besides college
– Create an achievements resume

College Prep 102, Part 1
Sophomore Year, Fall Semester

What We Cover
– PSAT – what is it? Why take it?
– Refining career search 
– Finding a cluster of majors
– Identify ideal type(s) of college for you
– What’s a college guide & how do you use it?
– Why create a college list this year & getting started
– Refine academic & testing plans per admissions requirements
– Need based financial aid
– FAFSA & PROFILE – what are they?
– Scholarships – types, impact on aid, types of schools that give more students aid
– What difference does % need met make?
– What a student can do to cut costs
– Summer planning/How to plan a project to meet deadlines

College Prep 102, Part 2
Sophomore Year, Spring Semester

What We Cover
– Resume – create and revise
– Leadership – setting goals, developing skills
– College list – refine by taking a deeper look at the prospects
– College list – exploring the requirements/start on apps?
– Long distance campus visits
– Scholarship search – why? Why not? How? Where?
– Prep for testing – SAT II, CLEP, etc.
– College rankings, useful guides or useless marketing?
– Athletic & other recruiting
– Strategic scheduling – summer testing and courses – good or bad?
– Course selection & college recommendations

College Prep 103, Part 1
Junior Year, Fall Semester

What We Cover
– PSAT – who should take it & why-Resumes – for jobs, application reference, and formal
– Academic plan – what will your colleges accept?
– College list – who to create and/or refine one.  What an ideal list looks like
– Develop your voice – montage essay
– Resume, refining
– Recommenders – how to evaluate and cultivate them
– Military options: ROTC, Academy 
– Net cost calculations
– Leadership – setting and communicating your vision
– Leadership – conflict resolution
– Career exploration/refining the search

College Prep 103, Part 2
Junior Year, Spring Semester

What We Cover
– College list – putting the schools to the test, digging deeper
– College list – further refining the list
– Time management – test prep, etc.
– Types of test prep, pros and cons
– Pre-fill applications – Common, Coalition, etc.
– Why us? Pre-application essay writing
– Why us? Pre-application essay writing
– What I want admissions to know about me essay draft
– Comparing what I want admissions essay to what my schools are looking for
– Evaluating Schools to narrow the list down to the ideal size
– Dealing with rejection/developing powerful self talk to  keep calm through difficulties
– Creating an application strategy – ED1, ED2, EA, REA, SCEA, RD, and rolling


College Prep 104, Part 1
Senior Year, Summer for EA & ED applicants
Fall for RD applicants

What We Cover
– Finalize college list, search for honors and scholarship application requirements
– Create application component checklist and application information resource document
– cull essay prompts and create application creation schedule
– Resume – finalize, prioritize, enter into apps
– Recommenders – whose to ask, how to ask, and how to keep track
– Essays – pre–writing exercises
– Essays – what’s missing exercise, what do I want them to know exercise
– Main essay draft #1
– How to revise your essay
– Develop more essay material/ begin supplemental essays
– Revise essays some more
– Holistic application review – what is it  and how do I do it?

College Prep 104, Part 2
Senior Year, Spring Semester

What We Cover
– You’re accepted, now what?
– How to decode aid award notices
– Scholarship search
– Beating Senioritis
– Evaluate each acceptance – why is this a great opportunity for you? Why is it worth the $$$?
– Making the Final Choice, a rubric
– Campus Readiness – Top reasons students fail or drop out and how to avoid them
– Removing Obstacles to Campus Success – dating
– Removing Obstacles to Campus Success – drugs
– Removing Obstacles to Campus Success – alcohol
– Removing Obstacles to Campus Success – procrastination
– Removing Obstacles to Campus Success – health/self-care
– Removing Obstacles to Campus Success – poor fit, loneliness, not getting involved
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