One on One College Prep Service Packages


One on One Coaching Program includes:


  • Career search
  • College search

These are critical to getting optimal results. School choice matters! We help your student find the right schools for their major and temperament and for your pocketbook!


  • Admissions timetable
  • ACT/SAT registration (if necessary)
  • Academic resume consultation
  • Essay consultation/review
  • Monthly progress consultations

We walk with your student, step by step through the admissions process. We keep them on task and on time, putting their best foot forward every step of the way. No more hassle for the family, trying to keep this process going along with homework and extracurricular activities!

Strategic income and asset planning advice to lower expected family contribution
We look at the whole picture. Will you get aid? What kind? How can we maximize that? If you won’t qualify for need based aid, we propose a variety of strategies you can implement to fund your child(ren)’s college expenses? We help you minimize the financial impact on your bottom line.


  • Determination of best school aid packages for student/client
  • Calculate EFC (what the government says your minimum out of pocket will be)
  • Complete FAFSA form (federal financial aid application)
  • Verify SAR and Update FAFSA as necessary (student aid report – report from the government of your EFC)
  • Register and complete PROFILE (financial aid application required by many private and elite schools)
  • Complete/review institutional paperwork (your schools’ financial aid forms)
  • Audit financial aid award offers for accurate/fair award package
  • Assist with appeals and negotiations with colleges
  • Assist in completing student loan paperwork

Monthly newsletter and client priority checklist – to keep you on track!

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(September – July)

ESSENTIAL for students targeting highly selective schools AND students needing extra personal strategic guidance.

o   Course Selection Guidance

o   Career Search/Self Discovery

o   Basic Skill development – time management, learning to serve and to lead, confidence building, etc.

o   Campus Visits – Where to go, how to get the most out of it

o   Summer Experience planning – What to do to build a strong application for top schools

o   And more!

(August – June)

BEST VALUE! Keep stress low; prepare for the flurry of junior year. A good foundation sets you up to get ACCEPTED and win BIG SCHOLARSHIPS.

o   Career Search/Self Discovery

o   Mentoring, preparing for leadership

o   PSAT, Pre-ACT

o   In depth Goal setting, career search, college search

o   Campus Visits- refining the search, creating the initial college list

o   And more!

( July  – May)

Get guidance for the busiest year of high school – the MOST critical year!

o   Preparing for the tests – scheduling PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP, SAT Subject tests, CLT, CLEP, DSST tests

o   Time management, self-talk, self-confidence builders, college selection, building a win/win mentality, taking leadership

o   Finalizing the college list, application strategies, pre-writing application essays

o   Career search/major selection

o   And more!

(June  – April)

It is Absolutely Critical to have a seasoned guide through this process.  Eliminates parent guessing and stressing and improves student outcomes.

o   Application management – planning, organizing, completing

o   Regular coaching calls through every step of the application process

o   Essay edits/guidance and holistic application review

o   Financial aid application completion, if desired

o   Financial aid award audits, if desired

o   Campus success skills – being ready to go!

o   And more!

OPTIONAL: Need Based Financial Aid Maximization, financial aid application(s) preparation and filing.

Freshman Year: $1,000. Sophomore Year: $1, 000; Junior Year: $3,000; Senior Year $2,500 (includes 1-3 essays)/ $3,500 (includes 4+ essays); FAFSA preparation $250; CSS PROFILE and/or additional financial aid application preparation: $750. There are a limited number of seats in each class in order to ensure each student receives top quality services.

What another parent had to say:
When my daughter was a junior and my son was in community college, I met with Katherine to talk through her services and process. I was very lucky that, at the time, my kids both knew what fields they wanted to pursue, so that part of the process was already taken care of. I figured “I’m a professional project manager. I can do this myself.”

For almost a year now, I have had a second job. That second job has been researching school options, doing campus tours, narrowing the list to 3 for my son (a transfer student) and 5 for my daughter, overseeing the application process (state schools, common app, common app supplements, custom apps – all of them!), financial aid applications, scholarship research and applications, and more. It has entailed developing special spreadsheets to track it all, incessant hounding of two kids at the same time to keep them on track with the deadlines, ridiculous numbers of hours on nights and weekends to gather together information, review essays, upload, download and upload some more. It has been exhausting. The invasion of Normandy
comes to mind.

My kids are both accepted into colleges now, with good financial aid packages. However, the process of getting here while managing my job responsibilities, and general daily life has been exhausting. One of my son’s top schools doesn’t make its transfer decisions until the end of June, so we’re still not done!

I will admit at this point that I was penny-wise and pound foolish in not engaging Katherine to do more of this for our family. Her services are not cheap, but you get what you pay for. If you decide to take on the college research and admissions process yourself, you need to be unfailingly organized, ready to nag your kids regularly, and ready to spend hours and hours…and hours of your free time over months. It’s no fun to do this yourself, so if you can find the money, save yourself the grief. If I knew then what I know now, I would have happily signed on the dotted line.

Valerie Gieseke, May 18, 2016
Rancho Bernardo, San Diego, CA

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