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As a professional college planning firm, we’ve explored many, many test preparation options over the years.  There are a number of ways to approach test prep.  Most people need accountability.  This means that the most effective options are live classes and tutors or tutorials with accountability.  The live classes cover the basic topics and strategies but have no time whatsoever to focus on any particular student’s weak areas or confusion in the class.  Tutors are very expensive and there are sometimes personality or learning style difficulties.  I’ve found that Eprep.com has terrific test prep courses.  One of my students turned his 650/470 into a 660/660!  That’s 200 points higher! Check out their demo or their diagnostic. Or do their free one week SAT or ACT  trialThen email me and I’ll set you up at 20% off their retail prices!

College admissions and merit aid are fiercely competitive these days.  Consequently, test preparation is no longer an extra; it is essential.  There are several alternatives; self-study, online test prep, test prep classes, and private tutors.  These range from very inexpensive to very expensive.  However, cost is not the primary issue with test prep.  What is essential is that the manner of preparation be effective for your student.  How responsible is he/she?  Will he/she make and follow a schedule on his/her own?  This is essential for the self-study and online study programs to be successful.  Without the ability to honestly evaluate ones strengths and weaknesses, the guidance of an online program will be essential.

Some students need an imposed schedule and a group setting in order to accomplish their test prep goals.  The trade off here, naturally, is that personalized instruction and an emphasis on a particular student’s weaker areas is lost in a group setting.  These can be found with online programs like eprep.com or with a private tutor.

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