The College Cost Course

This course will teach you how to potentially save tens of thousands – or more! Including Resource Guides to Building Your College List, Which Schools are generous – and which aren’t, etc. You’ll learn, step by step how to build your list and save!


The next course will run from September 20th – November 20th, 2016.

  • The course includes 4 live webinars, 10 online (on demand) modules, and 9 Resource Guides.
  • Course participants receive 10% off our One on One Consulting Service Packages

10 online modules covering topics including:

  • How to Maximize your Financial Aid Eligibility
  • Advice for the B Student
  • Merit Scholarships
  • Financial Aid
  • Where to Find College Bargains
  • What your First Step Should be
  • Exploring your College Options

9 Resource Guides, including:

  • How to Measure the Generosity of Colleges
  • List of the Most Generous Colleges
  • How to Build the Perfect College List
  • 6 Ways to Cut Costs
  • Colleges with Special Financial Aid Programs for Families of Modest Means

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