Why Should I Do Work Study While In College?

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Today, economic times are becoming tougher and parents are finding it difficult to care for their families. As a result children are unable to attend school or those who attend have difficulties in paying school fees and meeting their other expenses. In this situation of financial problems, as a college student you may feel your career is over since you are unable to study. However, every problem has a solution ingrained within it and as a student you can explore various opportunities at college such as work study.

Work study
This is a program designed to enable you to work while you are studying and receive a stipend or cash. You can start by asking your head of department if work study is offered by the college, the requirements and what benefits will you receive when you participate. Alternatively, you can also try and get a job outside college that does not affect your study time. Working at college or in a company will give you tremendous benefits such as:

Raise school fees and meet other expenses
If you are fortunate to do work a study in your college or be employed by a company, the college offers a stipend to help you pay part of your school fees .You can use the salary you receive from your employer to pay the remaining fee balance and the rest to meet your other needs. This ensures that you concentrate fully on your studies without worrying about school fees anymore.

Sets you apart in the job market
There are many people searching for employment and competition is very stiff for few available jobs. Employers are looking for experienced, skilled and knowledgeable personnel. Work study gives you an edge over other job seekers. You gain experience, skills, and knowledge in a particular area as well as develop soft skills such as interpersonal communication and management which your peers lack.

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