What will you study? Where should you apply? How will you afford it?


With college costs spiraling out of control, we’ve developed strategies to lower our clients’ net costs. Avoiding loans, maximizing aid and scholarships, cutting costs are our specialties. If you’re curious how ready you are for college, take our quiz below. If you’re ready to explore how I can help your teen achieve his or her dreams without breaking your bank, click the link below #2 and we’ll get in touch right away to schedule a private consultation to discuss your situation.




How Ready you are for College?

So many components go into being ready for college. Find out how ready you are by taking our quick quiz. We want you to be sure you are well prepared!
Answer 10 multiple choice questions and we’ll send you your grade.

Meet With Us

Our focus is on each student we work with. We help each one define goals for life and for college, find schools just right for him or her, AND get big scholarships. If this three pronged approach is what you are looking for, look no further.

We Can Help You

Whether it’s choosing a major or a school, maximizing your financial aid or scholarships, our proven method will help you pay the least possible for a great college education.


“I felt compelled to write you and let you know how invaluable your assistance has been. It’s just impossible to put a price tag on what you have done for our son, Christopher, a high school senior getting ready to enter college in 2015. You were able to do more for Christopher in three months that I was ever able to do in years of working with his three older siblings, researching the best colleges for just the right fit. There is absolutely no way for even the most involved parent to do anywhere near what you have done in narrowing down the colleges which best fit my son after considering all the factors: academics, athletics, financial aid, majors of interest, post-graduate and career ambitions. I cannot say enough about the value which you bring to this extremely daunting, complicated process of college/scholarship searching. Your efforts have certainly removed a huge load from our shoulders. You are helpful, responsive, and always encouraging throughout the entire process. In short, you are awesome!”

Michael Chavarria

Houston, Texas

Free Resources

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Free Booklet: 5 Top College Prep Disasters and How to Avoid Them

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Some of the Schools We've Helped Our Clients Get Into

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