What will you study? Where should you apply? How will you afford it?

WELCOME! Sorting through college admisions and financial aid is no simple matter. I’m so glad you stopped by. We’ve worked hard to put together information, tools, and programs which will truly aid college bound students and their families. The questions above are big questions and deserve respectful attention, careful exploration, and considered answers.








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Our focus is on each student we work with. We help each one define goals for life and for college, find schools just right for him or her, AND get big scholarships. If this three pronged approach is what you are looking for, look no further.

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Funding college can be daunting. Fewer than 5% of all families have as much as $5,000 saved for college. With costs averaging $30,000/year, it’s obvious that there’s a problem.



This year’s average MERIT SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS is $249,215/student!!! (Class of 2015)

If you have a high school sophomore or junior, contact me NOW to schedule a consultation. I have a few spaces left in my junior cohort and several in my sophomore cohort but they are going fast!

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“If you’re ready to launch your teen successfully for the lowest costs, then listen to Katherine O’Brien. She tells it like it is and equips you for success!”

James Malinchak James Malinchak

www.BigMoneySpeaker.com and from ABC's Secret Millionaire

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Free Webinar: College Prep 101

Learn about essential Admission and Financial Aid tips to help you get into to college without having to break the bank in this exclusive webinar.

Free Booklet: 5 Top College Prep Disasters and How to Avoid Them

In this free booklet, you can learn the 5 common mistakes that people make when preparing for college and how you can avoid them. This guide can save you thousands of dollars and counltess hours of wasted time. Download

10 Things Parents of Young Kids MUST Know About College Prep

If you plan on sending your child to college then we've compiled a list of 10 things you must know. Download them now and start planning today.

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