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Since 2004, for each of my clients,

  • I develop a personalized overall strategy & guide the student and family through it, step by step
  • I help develop student’s study and life skills.
  • I guide each student to develop personal college goals.
  • I help determine and clarify each family’s college fit priorities.
  • I determine each family’s need based financial aid eligibility & recommend ways to maximize it, when applicable.
  • I provide guidance regarding college funding strategies.
  • I direct a customized college search process.
  • I create testing, personal prep, and application strategies for each student, then guide them through it, step by step.
  • I guide students, ensuring each creates effective college applications.
  • I guide students to craft powerful, evocative application essays.
  • I prepare all required financial aid paperwork.
  • I prepare students for interviews.
  • I walk students through post submission honors college, scholarship, etc. application processes.
  • I provide guidance to each family as they prepare make the final choice of college.
  • I work with each student to prepare for success on campus.

I have been doing this life changing work since 2004 and look forward to the opportunity to assist your family on your journey to college as well.

Schedule A Meeting with Katherine

During your one hour College Readiness Consultation, Katherine will speak with your college bound student about his or her plans and preparations so far. Then she will discuss your financial preparations and the options. There will be time for your questions as well as time to explore our various services. This is a professional consultation. There is a consultation fee which can be paid by check or credit card. Sign up Today!

What People Are Saying


“When my daughter was a junior and my son was in community college, I met with Katherine to talk through her services and process. I was very lucky that, at the time, my kids both knew what fields they wanted to pursue, so that part of the process was already taken care of. I figured “I’m a professional project manager. I can do this myself.”

For almost a year now, I have had a second job. That second job has been researching school options, doing campus tours, narrowing the list to 3 for my son (a transfer student) and 5 for my daughter, overseeing the application process (state schools, common app, common app supplements, custom apps – all of them!), financial aid applications, scholarship research and applications, and more. It has entailed developing special spreadsheets to track it all, incessant hounding of two kids at the same time to keep them on track with the deadlines, ridiculous numbers of hours on nights and weekends to gather together information, review essays, upload, download and upload some more. It has been exhausting. The invasion of Normandy comes to mind.

My kids are both accepted into colleges now, with good financial aid packages. However, the process of getting here while managing my job responsibilities, and general daily life has been exhausting. One of my son’s top schools doesn’t make its transfer decisions until the end of June, so we’re still not done!

I will admit at this point that I was penny-wise and pound foolish in not engaging Katherine to do more of this for our family. Her services are not cheap, but you get what you pay for. If you decide to take on the college research and admissions process yourself, you need to be unfailingly organized, ready to nag your kids regularly, and ready to spend hours and hours…and hours of your free time over months. It’s no fun to do this yourself, so if you can find the money, save yourself the grief. If I knew then what I know now, I would have happily signed on the dotted line.”

Valerie Gieseke

Valerie Gieseke

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