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Since 2004, for each of my clients,

  • I develop a personalized overall strategy & guide the student and family through it, step by step
  • I help develop student’s study and life skills.
  • I guide each student to develop personal college goals.
  • I help determine and clarify each family’s college fit priorities.
  • I determine each family’s need based financial aid eligibility & recommend ways to maximize it, when applicable.
  • I provide guidance regarding college funding strategies.
  • I direct a customized college search process.
  • I create testing, personal prep, and application strategies for each student, then guide them through it, step by step.
  • I guide students, ensuring each creates effective college applications.
  • I guide students to craft powerful, evocative application essays.
  • I prepare all required financial aid paperwork.
  • I prepare students for interviews.
  • I walk students through post submission honors college, scholarship, etc. application processes.
  • I provide guidance to each family as they prepare make the final choice of college.
  • I work with each student to prepare for success on campus.

I have been doing this life changing work since 2004 and look forward to the opportunity to assist your family on your journey to college as well.

Schedule A Meeting with Katherine

During your one hour College Readiness Consultation, Katherine will speak with your college bound student about his or her plans and preparations so far. Then she will discuss your financial preparations and the options. There will be time for your questions as well as time to explore our various services. This is a professional consultation. There is a consultation fee which can be paid by check or credit card. Sign up Today!

What People Are Saying


“This past school year my senior son and I have worked closely with Katherine O’Brien of Celtic College Consultants. Katherine has been a tremendous help, offering aid in evaluating career choices, researching universities which previously had not been on our radar, and putting me—a home school mother—at ease in my new role as high school guidance counselor. Katherine’s extensive experience as a college admissions consultant gave our family intimate knowledge of what schools are looking for. Especially as a home schooling family, we were not aware of how transcripts and other supporting documents should be prepared. Katherine was a great help in providing templates and advising us on document preparation. Most importantly, her assistance with my son was priceless. She provided him with timelines for deadlines and weekly “to dos” to meet those deadlines. Additionally, she was a tremendous aid in proof reading essays and offering suggestions to make those essays “pop” off the page. With Katherine’s partnership, my son was accepted at all seven of the schools to which he applied. She made a daunting year-long task into a manageable, step-by-step process, which culminated in a happy ending. For this we are especially grateful.”

Monica Trainor

Monica Trainor

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